Market Footwear has been in business since 1968.
Policies (presione aquí para nuestras políticas en Español)

Hours of Operations:
You can place orders at anytime through the web or via fax: (305) 576-8599. We will contact you to confirm all orders before shipping. For any questions or if you need to talk with us about product information you can call us during our business hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM EST


  • Funds: Market Footwear items are priced in U.S. dollars.
  • We accept most credit cards, western union, money orders, bank wire transfer.
    and will accept a check which must clear before shipment is made.
  • We do not ship any COD’s .
  • Market Footwear reserves the right to require additional forms
    of identification before processing any order.
  • We also reserve the right to review any items for price verification.
  • We price all items by the case not the pair.
  • We do not sell mixed cases os styles and/or colors.
  • All shoes, unless noted are packed one color to the case.
  • All credit memos for Shortage and/or defective shoes will be applied to current and/or future
    invoices/sales only.
  • Orders will not be shipped to any account whose indebtedness exceeds 60 days,
    orders will be held until payments are made.
  • A service charge of 1.5 % monthly will be applied to all unpaid invoices after due date.

Typographical errors:

Market Footwear is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions relating to pricing, copy, photography or application. In the event of an error we will contact you via e-mail or telephone with the corrected pricing information and we are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.


  • All goods are shipped either FOB our warehouse (Ex: Works).
  • Market Footwear is not responsible for any additional tariffs or taxes that may apply to items shipped to another state or outside the united states.
  • Shipments will be made only to you, never directly to your customer.
  • Claims for lost shipments must be made with the carrier.
  • For each order you must provide us with your shipping instructions otherwise we will use the previous instructions you have given us

UPS Rates:

All UPS rates are now based on dimensional weight and not the actual weight. The dimensional rate which is called the "DIM" rate is calculated by multiplying the height, width, length and then divided by 1728 to get the "DIM" weigh if the "DIM" weight is higher than the actual weight you will be charged the "DIM" rate not the actual weight.
Also all Air shipments are also calculated on "DIM" weigh and not the actual weight.
For cartons that show the dimensions in centimeters you multiply the height, width, and length and divide the total cubic centimeters by 6000 to get the “DIM” weight in kilos and then you can multiply by 7.2 to show the “DIM” rate in pounds if necessary.

Return Policy:

  • No merchandise will be accepted for any reason except factory defects.
  • In order to return any merchandise you must first request authorization to return by listing all merchandise, styles, sizes, and the reasons for doing so. We will then forward you an authorization label which must be used to return merchandise. Our receiving department will not accept any shipment without this label and failure to use it will result in refusal of your parcel.
  • An R/A label does not guarantee credit.
  • Request to return will only be accepted up to 60 days from shipment.
  • When returning product a 15% service charge will prevail unless it is shipping error.
  • Please allow 60 days for credit to be issued.
  • We do not issue UPS call tags.

Non-Authorized Returns:

Shipments that are returned by any freight carrier (UPS, FEDEX, TRUCKS, ETC.) due to no one available to receive it and is returned to us is by business law is still your merchandise, title passed when it left our warehouse originally we will charge you for any return cost and the cost to reship it as well we have no responsibility or obligation to take it back or refund you any money.

NOTE: English version takes preference in case of any translation error.